MoorLIFE 2020: Blanket bog land management guidance

Guidance for land managers on managing blanket bog

This guidance for land managers and conservation advisers was collaboratively produced in 2017 by representatives of the Uplands Management Group (UMG) in response to a request from Defra's Uplands Stakeholder Forum (USF) for best practice guidance. It is designed to put into practice the joint voluntary Defra Blanket Bog Restoration Strategy agreed by the USF.

The guidance consists of three elements:

Decision making toolkit

Outcomes and Improvements booklet

Frequently asked questions

Before you print

To print the Outcomes and Improvements booklet we recommend that you set the paper size and the original size to A3 and print one-sided. 

To print the other documents use A4.

Alternatively to request a printed pack contact

Moors for the Future Partnership has produced this supplementary document to show how blanket bog can progress towards good condition:

Pathway to good condition

Factsheets for land managers

grip blocking | gully blocking | water | flood risk | slowing the flow | water quality | factsheet

Grip and Gully Blocking

This factsheet outlines the reasons for and types of dams we use

MoorLIFE 2020

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land management | gully blocking | peat dam

Peat dam factsheet

This factsheet explains what peat dams are, how and why they are used, and their suitability in peatland restoration

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Hydrology | Dams | Moorland management | Water resources | Flood risk | Natural flood management

Timber Dam Factsheet

A factsheet on how and why timber dams are used

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Dams | Natural flood management | Moorland management | Water resources | Hydrology | flood risk

Stone Dam Factsheet

A factsheet on how and why stone dams are used.

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Factsheet | Plastic dams | hydrology | Conservation works | moorland management

Plastic Dams Factsheet

A factsheet on how and why plastic dams are used.

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land management | cutting | heather brash

Heather cutting factsheet

This factsheet explains heather cutting methods and heather suitability

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Moorland management | Heather | Moorland plants | restoration | Seed | bare peat

Application of Moorland Plants as Seed

Factsheet about the application of moorland plants such as heather, cotton grass and bilberry as seed.

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MoorLIFE | Learning | Blanket bog | Peatlands

Learning - blanket bogs and why they're so important

Learn more about blanket bogs


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Restoration | heather | Moorland management | conservation works

Bare Peat Re-vegetation Factsheet

This factsheet includes infomation on bare peat re-vegetation in the moorlands of the South Pennines area

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Clough Woodland | Moorland Management | Land owner guidance | Conservation works

Clough Woodland: Benefits for My Land

A handy factsheet for landowners about the benefits of creating clough woodland

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Clough woodland | Moorland management | Guidance for landowners | Habitat creation

Clough Woodland: Grants and Support

A handy factsheet for landowners providing information about the grants and support you can get for clough woodland creation.

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Clough Woodland | Habitat creation | Moorland management | Guidance for landowners

Clough Woodland: Planting New Woodland

A factsheet for landowners to guide you through everything you need to know about creating a clough woodland on your land.

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