Please read our letter to contractors about the huge amount of peatland restoration work in the North of England in the coming years.

Contractor letter

North of England works map

MFF103 2020 Aerial application of lime, and fertiliser

Tender return date

Monday 6th April at 5.00pm

Delivery dates:

15 July 2020 to 13 September 2020.

Short description of works:

This Project aims to restore areas of moorland within the Peak District National Park and South Pennines. Specifically, this contract relates to the application of lime, fertiliser and a seed mix to areas of bare peat in order to aid the re-establishment of native moorland vegetation

This Tender shall consist of approximately 299.1 hectares (ha) of moorland to be treated over the Contract Period

Please contact Fiona Draisey at if you have any questions. DO NOT send or copy the tender to this email address. This email address is only for asking for clarification before you submit the tender.


Please return the tender either by email to

Please ensure any emails are under 10mb as the email system will reject them if they are larger. Pleas ensure all attachments are in pdf form.

Please return all tender submissions no later than the closing date and take specific note of the tender submission requirements and evaluation information, which is detailed within the tender.


Appendix 1 Location

Appendix 2 Form of Tender

Appendix 3 Tender Questionnaire

Appendix 4 Non-collusive certificate

Appendix 5 Quality Scoring Methodology

Appendix 6 Helicopter Operating Policy

Itemised Costs