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International Bog Day - Moor Reasons to be Cheerful

Fri 22 Jul 2022

As the world recognises the vital environmental importance of peat bogs on International Bog Day (24th July), the South Pennines-based Moors for the Future Partnership will be celebrating its own bog restoration success story as its flagship project MoorLIFE 2020 comes to an end this year.One of the UK’s largest

Report estimates carbon cost of moorland wildfire

Wed 13 Jul 2022

A moorland wildfire caused emissions equivalent to the carbon footprint of a small townMoors for the Future Partnership has estimated the amount of carbon released as a result of a huge wildfire which devastated moorland in the South Pennines. The figure is equivalent to the annual carbon footprint of about

First recording of bats on Kinder Scout shows restored blanket bog peatland is boosting biodiversity

Thu 03 Mar 2022

On World Wildlife Day, we celebrate the blanket bog peatlands that cloak the tops of the moors and are home to a wonderful array of upland species, from carnivorous plants to the burbling call of the curlew, to the new nocturnal visitors of foraging bats. Blanket bogs are special peatlands

Bogtastic card game now available to download

Mon 17 Jan 2022

Our peatlands support a range of specialised plants and animals adapted to their environment. Our new set of Bogtastic trump cards will help you learn about some of those species through playing few rounds of cards!Download the Bogtastic cardsThe cards are packed with information and fantastic facts about each species

Webinar- For the love of peat: Inspiring people to care for blanket bogs

Tue 11 Jan 2022

Join colleagues from Moors for the Future Partnership as they discuss the innovative communications they have undertaken to connect audiences to remote and vast moorland environments. As part of the MoorLIFE2020 project, the Partnership has helped thousands of people to build a connection to the moorlands on their doorsteps. Find

The BOG Standard - Winter 2021 edition

Tue 04 Jan 2022

Welcome to the winter 2021 edition of our quarterly newsletter, The BOG Standard, continuing to bring you the latest from the world of Moors for the Future Partnership.Read it onlineSign up to The Bog Standard.

All I want for Christmas is a healthy blanket bog: removing invasive Sitka spruce

Fri 17 Dec 2021

It looks like there’s so much space. Just emptiness everywhere you look. Even the sky looks bigger up here. Is there anything here? Well yes, there is a bog. A type of bog called blanket bog. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting and perhaps at first glance it doesn’t look particularly

Bogtastic play introduces young people to the wonders of peat bogs

Thu 04 Nov 2021

A play commissioned by Moors for the Future Partnership has been entertaining young audiences and introducing them to the wonders of moorland and peat bogs.Bogtastic!, created and produced by Babbling Vagabonds Storytelling Theatre was performed for four days in Buxton’s Pavilion Gardens and played to enthusiastic family audiences.It told the

Bringing the wonders of blanket bog to life on stage

Tue 14 Sep 2021

Moors for the Future Partnership are teaming up with Buxton-based theatre company Babbling Vagabonds to produce a new play that teaches young people to love and care for peatlands of the Peak District.The play – Bogtastic – tells the story of Cottongrass and Bilberry, two Bog Fairies descended from the

The annual vegetation monitoring season: Tracking changes on the moors since restoration work began in 2003

Tue 20 Jul 2021

The cotton grass is starting to fade once again, which can only mean one thing. It is that time of year again where our volunteers do what they do best, time to hit the moors in force to monitor the vegetation cover across the hills.Image of the staff team and

Bogtastic van gets back on the road

Thu 13 May 2021

After over a year off the road due to covid restrictions, Moors for the Future Partnership’s state-of-the-art Bogtastic van – that showcases the iconic Peak District and South Pennines moors - is gearing up to return to action.The Bogtastic van is the world’s first bog in a van! It’s kitted

Moors for the Future Partnership’s biggest conservation works season successfully delivered against the odds

Fri 07 May 2021

Against a backdrop of ever-changing circumstances and a challenging year for nature, we’re pleased to say that the conservation work this year has not only been completed successfully, but has been the largest conservation season to date for Moors for the Future Partnership.The difficulties of working through the pandemic and

Monitoring single-species sphagnum plug growth on blanket bog

Wed 05 May 2021

The study by Moors for the Future Partnership was carried out to discover the most effective methods of planting various species of sphagnum. Based on the findings, the Partnership can tailor delivery of conservation works to bring maximum benefit to the uplands.Reintroducing sphagnum moss to upland moors can help to

National award recognises moorland restoration delivered against all odds

Thu 18 Mar 2021

This has been another busy year for Moors for the Future Partnership’s conservation activities, and working in the face of a global pandemic with snowy weather that seemed to have been blanketing the moors more often than not, it has been one of the most challenging yet. The feat of

Counting the climate change cost of moorland wildfires

Thu 20 Aug 2020

Camp fire caused loss of 50 years’ worth of valuable peat in the Peak District National Park.The resulting blaze released greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to running all the homes in a town the size of Bakewell or Hebden Bridge for a year.A case study by Moors for the Future Partnership

The heritage of peatlands webinar

Wed 19 Aug 2020

Peatlands offer fascinating insights into how our ancestors lived and died. Moors for the Future Partnership, perhaps better known for its environmental conservation work to protect the peatlands of the Peak District and South Pennines, is hosting this webinar, in partnership with Europarc Atlantic Isles, to explore in more detail

The BOG Standard - the summer edition

Wed 29 Jul 2020

Welcome to the summer edition of our quarterly newsletter, The BOG Standard, continuing to bring you the latest from the world of Moors for the Future Partnership.Read it online

Hitting the ground running for vegetation monitoring season with our volunteers back on the moors

Mon 27 Jul 2020

We are delighted to be welcoming back our volunteers as the vegetation monitoring season gets underway. Every year, we undertake vegetation surveys to monitor the effects of our restoration work, and in response to environmental change. This year marks the seventeenth consecutive year of monitoring, making it one of the

Testing a new technique to improve moorland habitat

Fri 01 May 2020

Moors for the Future Partnership is pioneering and testing a new technique to improve the condition of blanket bog habitat.The aim of the trial is to discover if constructing bunds can improve the health of blanket bogs, returning them to the healthiest condition a bog can be in (known as

The results have been pooled for the ninth annual dipwell campaign

Wed 18 Mar 2020

A healthy blanket bog relies on a high water table for its unique and boggy conditions. Every year, volunteers measure the depth of the water table in hundreds of locations. This is known as Moors for the Future Partnership’s dipwell campaign.The data has been analysed by Partnership scientists, and interesting

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