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The work of Moors for the Future Partnership to protect peat moorland is delivered by the Moors for the Future Partnership staff team through the Peak District National Park Authority as the lead and accountable body.

It is supported by its partners including the Environment Agency, National Trust, RSPB, Severn Trent, United Utilities, Yorkshire Water, Pennine Prospects and representatives of the moorland owner and farming community.

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Peak District National Park

The Peak District is the UK’s first and original National Park, still protected today for everyone to visit and enjoy. We work with partners and individuals to look after the National Park’s special qualities – including wildlife and our magnificent moorlands. We aim to conserve and enhance the National Park’s most important habitats and make changes for the better, so that future generations have the chance to continue to discover the Peak District. Moors for the Future is playing an important part in conserving and enhancing important landscapes, while raising awareness and understanding of why the area – with its rare habitat and outstanding wildlife - is so important.


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The National Trust

The National Trust is an independent charity that relies upon the help of members and supporters to conserve 'special places' across the country. We work to protect and care for these special places to benefit people and the nation. In the Peak District, we look after several important moorland areas, where we're working hard to conserve and restore their precious wildlife and peat bogs, their rich cultural heritage and high environmental quality whilst also promoting sustainable public access, recreation and enjoyment.


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United Utilities

To collect the water needed for drinking, United Utilities owns 56,000 hectares of catchment land in the north west of England. 10,000 hectares lie within the Peak District. Much of it is internationally important heather moorland and designated Sites of Special Scientific Interest.  We aim to manage this land in a way that balances the interests of land users, biodiversity and protection of water sources. Large areas of the moor are eroding which has an impact on raw water quality in terms of colour and sediments arising from the exposed fragile peat soil.


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Severn Trent

Severn Trent supplies essential Water services such as drinking water and all sewerage services to millions of homes and businesses across the Midlands and beyond. Around eight million people across the Midlands receive their water and sewerage services from the company, activities which lay the foundation for ST's extensive work in the conservation of landscape and biodiversity. The company owns and manages 20,000 hectares of land and water in England and Wales and launched its Biodiversity Action Plan in 1999.


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Environment Agency

The Environment Agency works to create better places for people and wildlife, and supports sustainable development. Within England, we’re responsible for regulating major industry and waste; treatment of contaminated land; water quality and resources; fisheries; inland river, estuary and harbour navigations and conservation and ecology.  We are also responsible for managing the risk of flooding from main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea.


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Yorkshire Water

We manage the collection, treatment and distribution of water in Yorkshire, supplying around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water each day - that's a lot of water.  At the same time we also collect, treat and dispose of about one billion litres of waste water safely back into the environment.




We’re saving threatened birds and wildlife across the UK and overseas. With your support, we are creating a world richer in nature.


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Pennine Prospects

Pennine Prospects is a unique rural regeneration company created in 2005 as a champion for the South Pennines.  We are an award-winning partnership organisation delivering a wide range of projects aimed at promoting, protecting and enhancing the built, natural and cultural heritage of the South Pennines.  As a company we are strongly committed to sustainable development and enable partner organisations, local residents and businesses to maximise the benefit of the area’s rich natural, cultural and heritage assets. 


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