Citizen science surveys and sightings

Citizen Science Wildlife Surveys

In addition to our programme of volunteering activities, we have a number of citizen science wildlife surveys which you can take part in.

You don’t need to register with us as a volunteer in order to take part, simply visit the survey webpage and you’ll find all the information you need to get started.

curlew in flight
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Picture of an adder curled up in the grass

Casual surveys

On any trip out and about in the moorlands or uplands, simply make a note of when and where you see (or hear) any of our target animals:

Bird Survey

Butterfly Survey

Hare Survey 

Ring Ouzel and Redwing Survey 

Scales and Warts Survey

Targeted monitoring surveys

These surveys require more effort and dedication than the casual surveys, and are ideal for someone who would like to spend time practicing and improving their skills. Again these surveys are self-led; although we can put you in touch with an existing volunteer surveyor if you need some help to get started.