MoorLIFE 2020 reports

Reports and papers produced as part of MoorLIFE 2020

Wildfire; Wild fire; Climate change; Evidence; Science; Carbon audit

MoorLIFE 2020 Wildfire database report (updated 2020)

A guide to the method used in creation of the wildfire database and an analysis of trends associated with key variables.

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MoorLIFE 2020 Carbon Audit update report 2019.pdf

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2019 Wildfire Ignition Risk Mapping Summary.pdf

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2019 Wildfire Ignition Risk Mapping Report.pdf

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Carbon; Conservation works; moorland restoration; emissions

MoorLIFE 2020: D5 A Carbon Audit Case Study

Creating a positive carbon impact through moorland restoration

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Wildfire; Wild fire; The Roaches; Carbon audit; Climate change; MoorLIFE 2020

Roaches wildfire 2018 carbon case study (shorter read)

Case study estimating the amount of carbon released from a wildfire at The Roaches in 2018

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Wildfire; Wild fire; Roaches; Carbon Audit; Climate change; Emissions; Fire; MoorLIFE 2020

Roaches wildfire 2018 carbon report (longer read)

A report into the estimated amount of carbon released as a result of the wildfire that occurred on the Roaches in August 2018.

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MoorLIFE 2020; Vegetation monitoring; Biodiversity; Rewetting; Revegetating; Sphagnum; Plug plant; Plant species

Monitoring the impact of blanket bog conservation using aerial imagery MoorLIFE 2020 | 2020

Using aerial imagery to monitor vegetation at a landscape scale, rather than the traditional site scale.

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