Mend our Mountains Great Ridge Path Repairs 2019

Work started in spring 2021

Mending a path along an iconic Peak District ridge

Protecting delicate moorland by keeping walkers on the path

We’re delivering a project to mend the Great Ridge path  

Project start date: February 2018
Project end date: May 2021

This work forms part of the British Mountaineering Council’s (BMC) Mend our Mountains campaign.

Separating Edale from Castleton, and the limestone of the White Peak from the millstone grit of the Dark Peak, the Great Ridge straddles the heart of the Peak District and provides a fantastic ridge walk. The path, which is extremely popular with walkers with stunning views of the Hope Valley, is badly eroded by footfall and in need of repair.

About 450m of path improvements, between Hollins Cross and Back Tor, will complement work that was done on the path in early 2000s between Hollins Cross and Mam Tor.

The work is needed to repair the heavily worn and eroded path on the remaining section along the Great Ridge. This will improve conditions underfoot, making the route safer, more accessible and visually in keeping with the landscape. It will also protect the delicate upland area surrounding the route by keeping walkers to the path.

The BMC’s Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign kick started the fundraising for this well-loved path.

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Great Ridge view to Back Tor

Funders of the Great Ridge Footpath Restoration

Project Funders:

BMC’s Mend Our Mountains: Make One Million campaign

Oglesby Charitable Trust

Peak District National Park Authority

Ramblers Association

HF Holidays

Hollins Cross 2021
10 June 2021

Project Works Complete

The work to restore parts of the Great Ridge path has been completed. A total of 500m of the worst affected sections of the path has been restored and water management features installed to improve access and protect the sensitive habitat bordering the path. We would like to thank all the funders and stakeholders who contributed to the success of this project.

The repair work will help to protect the surrounding landscape, and involved using flagstones reclaimed from a local mill, originally built from stone taken from the moors, in a rather circular tale that sees these same mill flagstones now nestled atop the hills.

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Back Tor during restoration
27 April 2021

Progress update

We are almost half way through the work period and the footpath restoration has made great progress. The Back Tor section has now been completed. Reclaimed flagstones (sourced from old cotton mills) now form a flagstone path along Back Tor. The steps up to Back Tor have been created using a technique called pitching (interlocking the flagstones). Water management features have also been installed to protect the surrounding habitat. The contractors will now start work on the Hollins Cross segment of the restoration work. This work will involve laying aggregate and necessitates the use of excavators. For important health and safety reasons, please continue to follow the diversion route.

Airlifting materials onto Back Tor
07 April 2021

Progress update

The materials have now all been airlifted onto site. The contractors are now starting work on the flagstone path, and pitched path sections with work due to conclude in May 2021.  For Health and Safety reasons we are continuing to advise that you take the diversion route for the duration of the restoration work, as the materials are situated in the line of the path. The footpath running just below the ridgeline, parallel to the Great Ridge, remains open, and continues to provide an alternative route.

Hollins Cross
04 March 2021

Work begins

Work on the Great Ridge, approximately 500m of path improvements between Hollins Cross and Back Tor, is due to start in late March 2021 after delays due to Covid-19 and the weather. The footpath will be closed for the duration of the restoration work, due to finish in May 2021. During this time, the footpath running just below the ridgeline, parallel to the Great Ridge, will remain open, and will offer an alternative route. The works being undertaken will help to reduce the impacts of erosion helping to safeguard the landscape along this popular walking route.

Erosion on the great ridge
15 November 2019

Upland footpath techniques specified

Specifications for the work have been finalised. We'll use a number of traditional upland footpath techniques including flagstones, aggregate path, pitching and landscaping. These techniques have been chosen based on the local geology and to meet the demands of this popular walking route.

Great Ridge before
25 June 2019

Specifying work

We're working with contractors to specify the improvements to the path.

Great ridge threaded
6 January 2020

Work due to start in autumn 2020

Work on the path is due to start in autumn 2020