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‘Protect Our Moors’ leaflet warns of growing wildfire danger

Tue 04 Jun 2019

Pennine Prospects, alongside Moors for the Future Partnership, have produced and distributed a leaflet to raise awareness around fire prevention and response.See the leafletIn 2018, there were a record-breaking 79 major wildfires in the UK. In just the first four months of 2019, there were 96.As a response to this

Moors for the Future Partnership's biggest work season

Mon 03 Jun 2019

The last few weeks of March 2019 saw the end to the biggest work season ever for the Partnership. From September 2018 to March 2019 our teams worked tirelessly in all weathers to conduct vital work restoring the peatlands of the Peak District National Park and South Pennines.In the 2018–19

Peak District landowner reviving woodland in Hope Valley

Tue 23 Apr 2019

A landowner has created seven hectares of new upland woodland in the Hope Valley. The work – facilitated by the Moors for the Future Partnership’s Clough Woodlands Project and made possible by grants from Natural England, the Forestry Commission and the Woodland Trust – includes the planting of over 11,500

Coldhouse Collective announces support for the Moors for the Future Partnership

Mon 15 Apr 2019

Sheffield-based filmmakers Coldhouse Collective have announced a new relationship with the Moors for the Future Partnership, an initiative that is working to regenerate and protect uplands across the South Pennines and the Peak District National Park.250 years of industrial pollution, wildfire and flooding has stripped the uplands of its carpet

Volunteering opportunity: Research Support Volunteer

Wed 10 Apr 2019

Our Youth Engagement Officer, Jackie Wragg, is seeking volunteers that are interested in developing academic level research skills by supporting a social research project.This opportunity is an ongoing commitment of a flexible nature.Please see the role description below for more details or email Jackie for more info: Role Title:

Looking back on an award-winning year for peatland conservation

Mon 18 Mar 2019

Howling wind and freezing fingers, baking sun and sunburnt faces; just some of the extreme weather events that hardy volunteers expect as they head out onto remote moorland across the Peak District and South Pennines to monitor changes in the blanket bog habitat.You can read more about how these dedicated

A peatland-tailored User Guide on methods to value benefits from restoration

Thu 07 Mar 2019

We've helped to develop a guide for peatland restoration practitioners and anyone interested in peatlands to value the socio-economic benefits of their restoration. The ‘User Guide’ was developed as part of the Yorkshire integrated Catchment Solutions Programme (iCASP) together with Yorkshire Peat Partnership (YPP) and the University of Leeds.This interactive

Celebrating our 15th year

Thu 07 Mar 2019

We've celebrated the Partnership's anniversary in style We wanted to plan a special year for our 15th anniversary. After all, this Partnership has a lot to be proud of in just 15 years. So we decided to hold or participate in 15 events throughout our 15th year. Many of the

A big bog season: quarterly conservation update

Thu 07 Mar 2019

Our biggest season yet This season is our biggest ever for conservation works and whilst there is still much to do, the impressive numbers thus far continue to fly in. These numbers are from the last quarter of 2018.Nearly 10,000 bags of heather brash have been flown by helicopter onto

Caring for the hills protects us from flooding, says new research

Wed 16 Jan 2019

A restoration scheme on the hills of the Peak District has the potential to reduce the level of flood risk to the towns and villages below, according to researchers. Professors Tim Allott and Martin Evans and Dr Emma Shuttleworth, from The University of Manchester, say measures taken by conservation group

Final edition of Community Scientist out now

Thu 20 Dec 2018

The final edition of Community Scientist newsletter is now available to read.With the Heritage Lottery Funded (HLF) phase of the Community Science project drawing to a close at the end of this year, now is a good time to look back and celebrate the project's successes so far. However –

New film ‘The Carbon Farmer’ paints a bright future for UK Peatland conservation, agriculture and climate action

Thu 13 Dec 2018

In their current state the UK’s peatlands are a source of around 20 million tonnes of CO2 (equivalent) per year – this is the same as the yearly emissions from electricity use in two and a half million homes. A new short film premiers possibilities for achieving a brighter carbon

New visitor experience helps fight climate change in the Peak District National Park

Wed 14 Nov 2018

Visitors to the Peak District National Park will be doing their bit to help combat climate change by heading off the beaten track to plant vital sphagnum moss on the majestic moors in a new hands-on ‘build a bog’ experience.On an exclusive guided walk with Moors for the Future Partnership,

Building bogs: conservation quarterly roundup

Thu 01 Nov 2018

Building Bogs Some of the highpoints include the airlifting and spreading of 391 bags of chopped heather cuttings onto bare peat, the spreading of lime, seed and fertiliser via helicopter across 139 hectares, the installation of 1135 gully blocks (or dams), and the planting of sphagnum onto 144 hectares of

Away above the chimney tops

Mon 22 Oct 2018

The science team’s summer of flying ended in September with approximately 10.5km² of surveyed moorland under our belt. Data has been collected from our field labs, which are specially identified areas that have received conservation works, or have certain characteristics such as being dominated by purple moor grass. Monitoring at

A brand new adventure: a chat with volunteer Tom Helliwell

Fri 19 Oct 2018

Tom Helliwell had worked behind a desk his entire life. When he was made redundant, he took it as an opportunity to do something radically different.“I used to go camping in Edale when I was a little lad, but once I’d grown up and life got busier and busier, visiting

Full steam ahead to conserve Peak District moors for years to come

Wed 17 Oct 2018

In the deep underbelly of vast, open moors in the heart of the Peak District National Park, a fundamental passageway connecting countryside with city is steaming by a notable anniversary this year.The 125 year old Cowburn Tunnel houses a two mile-long railway line that lies underneath Kinder Scout’s adjacent hill,

Are blanket bogs VIP enough for a House of Commons reception? Of course they are!

Fri 28 Sep 2018

The sun shone and the sphagnum moss made it through security as collaborators and new companions of Moors for the Partnership came together in London to celebrate and showcase partnership work. Severn Trent Water hosted a reception in the Members Dining Room of the House of Commons on behalf of

Young, wild and free: new youth group for local teens to experience Peak District National Park

Fri 31 Aug 2018

A brand new Peak District junior ranger group is set to give local young people the opportunity to learn vital conservation skills in the heart of the UK’s first National Park.With a special focus on moorland habitats and their vital benefits, this free group for 11 to 18 year olds

The wandering wader watcher: a chat with Kevin Shepherd

Tue 21 Aug 2018

If you’re a frequent visitor to the world of birds, you may have heard of Kevin Shepherd before. He’s one half of the duo that devised the ‘Brown and Shepherd’ Upland Bird Survey technique back in the 1990s as a way to find out what birds lived on the moors.

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