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Bleaklow gully blocking completed

Tue 20 Nov 2012

This year's round of gully blocking on Bleaklow in the Peak District National Park was completed on 13th November.A total of 1,300 tons of gritstone was flown in as part of the EU LIFE+ funded MoorLIFE project. Over 1,800 stone dams were constructed since the work began on 6th September.

Your moors need you!

Tue 13 Nov 2012

Did you know that you could help save our local moors – Rishworth Common and Turley Holes - by volunteering for one of the largest moorland conservation initiatives in Europe?MoorLIFE, an exciting project run by Edale-based Moors for the Future Partnership and funded by the EU LIFE+ programme is now

Inspiring people to care for our beautiful moorlands

Mon 29 Oct 2012

We have installed new information panels at Crowden car park, close to Black Hill and Torside car park at the foot of Bleaklow.The illustrated panels will give locals and Pennine Way walkers a taste of what to expect, with photos of wildlife and landscape-scale moorland restoration works, aerial maps, as

Moors for the Future on Newsround

Mon 01 Oct 2012

Last week the CBBC Newsround team, Peak District National Park Authority Chief Executive Jim Dixon and local MP Angela Smith visited Black Hill to mark the start of our innovative sphagnum reintroduction programme.Newsround presenter Leah Gooding flew over the area where the work will take place by helicopter, and interviewed

Millions of moss ‘beads’ airlifted to restore Peak District and South Pennine moors

Mon 24 Sep 2012

A groundbreaking new approach to moorland conservation starts this week as we begin airlifting 150 million ‘beads’ of Sphagnum moss to help bring life back to the Peak District and South Pennine moors.In the first operation of its kind, Sphagnum gel beads known as BeadaMoss™ will be airlifted by helicopter

Moorland gardening on a grand scale

Wed 22 Aug 2012

Last week 38,000 plants were flown and planted out by hand on Kinder Scout, in the first round of a winter programme of work that will see 300,000 new native moorland shrubs growing in the Dark Peak and South Peninne Moorlands.Planting started on Kinder Scout after the end of the

Groundbreaking research that goes with the flow

Mon 20 Aug 2012

As part of an innovative new project to monitor the effects of gully blocking on the traverse of water across the Bleaklow plateau, we have just installed the second of 4 sets of flumes. The flumes are channels which direct the flow of water which is measured and logged to

Five thousand dams this winter

Mon 26 Mar 2012

Moors for the Future have put in place almost 5,000 dams at sites across the Peak District. The work was started in November and our teams have been out in all weathers from bright winter sunshine to snow and driving rain.Why do we block gullies? Gullies that have formed in

Field Guide to Sphagnum mosses chart

Wed 14 Mar 2012

A Field Guide to Sphagnum mosses chart has been produced in association with the IUCN UK Peatland Programme, the Field Studies Council, the Heather Trust and MoorLIFE, an EU LIFE+ project delivered by Moors For The Future Partnership.The illustrated guide provides an introduction to Sphagnum mosses and is suitable for

Millions of seeds airlifted to save moors

Mon 16 Jan 2012

The South Pennine moors will turn green and healthy once more as one of the largest landscape conservation projects in the UK airlifts and spreads 5,500 bulk-bags of heather brash (cuttings) on to Bleaklow in the Peak District and South Pennines.An EU funded project, MoorLIFE, spearheaded by Moors for the

Festive gathering for MoorLIFE volunteers

Wed 14 Dec 2011

MoorLIFE volunteers met at Coopers Café in Edale to celebrate the scientific evidence they have collected from local moors in Derbyshire and the Peak DistrictThousands of vegetation and water table measurements have been recorded by volunteers over the year tocollect data on the effects of conservation on the health of

Giant nets capture new life for Bleaklow

Thu 27 Oct 2011

MoorLIFE, one of the largest conservation projects in the UK, is now spreading thirty-three kilometres (more than twenty miles) of geo-textile netting on to the moor surface of Bleaklow to help reduce erosion of the peat and establish a new layer of vegetation. The Bleaklow conservation work site, stretching between

MoorLIFE project is bringing life back to the bogs

Tue 11 Oct 2011

Eminent British ecologist Professor Sir John Lawton visits MoorLIFE conservation site, Black Hill. It was, perhaps, an unlikely venue for a VIP visit. White cloud was swirling around the damp moorland vegetation of Holme Moss, an area of Black Hill, one of the landmark summits in the Pennine hills which

Where tractors fear to tread!

Fri 25 Feb 2011

Helicopters play a vital role in the conservation of moorland resources If you are out and about in the Peak District National Park or the South Pennine area until the end of March you may see a helicopter carrying a load of white ‘dumpy’ bags flying onto the moors.This is

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