MoorLIFE 2020: wildfire database

Firefighters on the moor

A database to record wildfires

We’re creating a database to record wildfires on the Peak District and South Pennine moors.

Wildfires are one of the biggest threats to active blanket bog

As part of our MoorLIFE 2020 research and monitoring programme we are collating information from relevant organisations to form a database for moorland wildfires across the South Pennine Moors Special Area of Conservation since 2007.

Read the report updated March 2020

This work is vitally important as it:

  • helps in our understanding of the causes of wildfires, and informing us of how to prevent and tackle them
  • can be used to identify the spatial distribution of wildfires to understand if and where problem areas occur
  • provides data on wildfires that partners and academic institutions can access
  • allows us to provide information to partners helping to develop a more comprehensive and detailed evidence-base associated with the scale, risk and impact of wildfires

The wildfire database is currently updated annually but once the wildfire recording tool has been developed, it will replace the current database ensuring easier access for relevant organisations.


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