Moor Business Project

The project will provide a business development focus to enable our transition to a mature organisation with the skills, capacity and tools required to successfully continue our work

Project start date: July 2018
Project finish date: March 2020

Moors for the Future Partnership has successfully delivered landscape scale changes across the protected hills of the Peak District and South Pennines for over 14 years.

Volunteers on the hill

Our peatland restoration work provides major benefits to society (improves biodiversity, protects cultural heritage, carbon storage, water quality, visitor experience, local socio‐economic benefits, reduces flood risk, wildfire risk), and we have been at the forefront of demonstrating these benefits. We have delivered over £32m in conservation works, communications and monitoring.

We have successfully developed our delivery of conservation techniques and innovated awarding-winning communications and engagement and developed cutting‐edge monitoring.

The development of a business strategy will provide the opportunity to explore long term aims to strengthen the business.

This will ensure that we are able to continue this valuable work long into the future and take advantage of a dynamic funding landscape.

To maximise the impact of our work we will develop appropriate strategies, and an appropriate suite of business documents.

This will enable us to maximise advocacy work, realise all of the benefits of our work in the uplands and ensure that the work of Moors for the Future Partnership is secured into the future.

The project will enable us to become a more resilient organisation, able to adapt to future changes in policy and funding and enable us to focus on future funding and project opportunities that fit our strategy and ethos.

Project outputs:

Read our brochure 'Our Partnership Approach'

2020 - 2021 Interim Business plan

Funded by the National Lottery Resilient Heritage Fund.

The National Lottery Resilient Heritage Fund