Bogtastic Trump Cards

How to Play

The aim of the game is to win the whole deck of cards from your opponents. With these cards you’ll be able to learn about some of the fantastic species you might see when visiting upland moorland and boggy habitats.

There are 16 Bogtastic Trump Cards so this game works best with 2 to 3 players but can be played with more (you won’t get many cards each though!).

  1. Separate out the 16 Trumps cards from the rest of the deck
  2. Shuffle them up and share them out between players, face down so no one can see other player’s cards (if the cards won’t divide equally between the players leave the left over cards out of the game to allow an equal number each)
  3. The player left of the dealer takes the first turn, on their topmost card, they choose the “stat” which they think has the best chance of beating the other players and read it out.
  4. Then, in turn the other players also read out their numbers for that same “stat”
  5. The player with the highest number wins, losing cards are placed in the centre for the winner of that round to collect and place at the back of their stack
  6. The winning player from that round can now choose a “stat” from their top card and then go through step 4 and 5 again
  7. Continue playing these rounds until someone has all the cards.

What if there’s a tie?

If 2 or 3 player have a tie on one “stat” during a round all cards from that round are placed in the middle. The player who won the last round then chooses a new “stat” for the next round. Whoever wins this round also collects the cards in the centre when they collect the losing cards.