Healthy peatland

You may have heard about the Great North Bog over the past few months and wanted to find out more. The formal launch will take place in spring 2022, but the Peatland Pavilion at COP26 will be hosting an information session – Working Together for the Great North Bog – on 11 November from 09:00 to 10:30.

The Great North Bog is an ambitious, grand-scale peatland restoration initiative being developed by the North Pennines AONB Partnership, Yorkshire Peat Partnership and the Moors for the Future Partnership. It is a landscape approach to restoration across nearly 7,000 square kilometres of upland peat in the Protected Landscapes of northern England, which currently store 400 million tonnes of carbon. Damaged peat in the Great North Bog releases 3.7 million tonnes of carbon annually. The programme aims to develop a working partnership to deliver a 20-year funding, restoration and conservation plan to make a significant contribution to the UK’s climate and carbon sequestration targets.

To attend this session, you’ll first need to register for the Peatland Pavilion. Enter your details on the registration page. You’ll be asked whether you have COP26 accreditation; it doesn’t matter whether you do or not. Once you’ve completed these details, you’ll be sent an email that allows you to complete registration and setup a password. If you experience any issues with registration, please contact

We hope you can join us to discuss this amazing initiative at Working Together for the Great North Bog on 11 November.