Building Blocks Part 1 & 2 on Wednesday 10th June at 10.30 and Wednesday 17th June at 14.30

Part 1

Find out about Moors for the Future Partnership’s ground-breaking project Building Blocks- Next Steps in Gully Blocking. Building Blocks has enabled the Partnership to map the next 100,000 gully blocks across the damaged blanket bog of the South Pennines Special Area for Conservation. This modelling has allowed them to create a list of areas to prioritise in their work for many years to come, and ensure that resources are secured into the future for the most sensitive landscapes.

Chris Dean (head of programme delivery at Moors for the Future Partnership): Why Building Blocks? The history of the Partnership and the scale of the problem we faced working with the most degraded landscape in Europe.

Dr David Chandler (science programme manager at Moors for the Future Partnership): The science behind the project and working with Newcastle University.

Matt Scott-Campbell (conservation programme manager at Moors for the Future Partnership): Why we took on the project; importance of the project as a blueprint for future work.

Wednesday 10th June 10:30-11:30

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Part 2

Join the Partnership team for a closer look at the technical details of the Building Blocks project. Find out how the team carried out the modelling and what processes they undertook to map the 100,000 gully blocks. This webinar will provide information for those who want more detail on how to carry out a project like this.

Laura Ashley-Winter (project manager at Moors for the Future Partnership): Outlining the process; taking on landscape-scale projects in partnership.

Dr Sam Dixon (GIS officer at Moors for the Future Partnership): How we did it; the hydrological modelling.

Wednesday 17th June at 14:30-15:30

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