By the end of August, 1107 metres of Grindslow Knoll path will have been restored to improve access on to Kinder Scout due to the support of private land-owner,Tom Noel, and the National Trust as well as funds from the Natural England Conservation Plans Project (NECPP); delivered by Moors for the Future team.

Work completed includes long-term robust water management features - ditches, water bars and fords – as well as resurfacing and seeding the path with a moorland grass mixture. This will integrate the path in to the open country which the route passes through as well as reduce trampling and rain wash.

But the work doesn’t stop there. A suite of path works is planned to start in September including Crowden Tower, Ringing Roger and The Nab.  Matt Scott-Campbell, Acting Projects Manager for NECPP said “ This is good news for access, fire-fighting and the project as a whole. And fitting for 2012 – the 80th Anniversary of the Mass Trespass and the fight for the Right to Roam”.

The Natural England Conservation Plans Project is a £2.5M Environmental Stewardship funded project which aims to restore habitats of national and European importance. It will also lead to improvements for local communities in landscape, water quality and a variety of the plant, animal and insect life.

Grindslow Knoll Pathworks summary:

1. Construction of a path at North of Grindslow Knoll in Edale, Derbyshire. 602m of path comprising:

  • 375m of stone flag path - in three sections separated by areas (up to 227 m) of no treatment

2. Construction of a path at South of Grindslow Knoll in Edale, Derbyshire.
505m of path comprising:

  • 325m of substrata path
  • 95m of stone pitch path
  • 20m of material movement
  • 20m of no treatment

3. Preparation for airlifting by banding and weighing 122 tonnes stone flags

4. Transportation of 122 tonnes stone flags

5. Purchase and delivery to lift site of 114 tonnes of pitching stone

6. Airlifting of the 236 tonnes of materials to pathworks site

7. Construction of 815 metres of upland path