On Saturday 4 March, Moors for the Future Partnership celebrates its 20th anniversary by showcasing its work at this year’s Sheffield Adventure Film Festival.

At the centre of the event is a showing of the Partnership’s spectacular short film, “Working Together”, celebrating 20 years of partnership working across a vast area of moorland and telling the story of people and organisations cooperating to protect precious blanket bogs for the benefit of people, the planet and wildlife into the future. The film was produced by Salt Street Productions and features the Partnership’s pioneering peatland restoration work, the evidence that underpins it and its innovative ways of communicating about the importance of blanket bog.

Following the film will be a panel event chaired by award-winning filmmaker, photographer, speaker, podcaster and writer Frit Tam. The panel comprises Chris Dean, head of Moors for the Future Partnership since its inception 20 years ago; Catherine Flitcroft, head of access, environment and sustainability at the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) and filmmaker and producer Emma Crome, head of ethics and environment at Coldhouse Collective. They will talk about the Partnership’s current work and future plans and how people can get involved through the BMC’s Climate Project or 1% for the Planet.

“Working Together” will be shown at 12.30pm on Saturday 4 March at ShAFF Outpost. Tickets are free but you can book your seat in advance from the ShAFF booking office on https://shaff.co.uk/shaff23/panel-event-working-together

Chris Dean, Head of Moors for the Future Partnership said “This event is a great opportunity to find out about the Partnership in the inspiring film, ‘Working Together’, and hear what inspired the panel to take action on their passion to protect the precious peatlands.”