We recently took a production team for the environmental television show Earthrise onto the moors at Bleaklow to show them our ground-breaking conservation work – which is helping save the stunning Peak District and South Pennine peat moorlands from the damaging effects of pollution and climate change.

Earthrise crew filming at Bleaklow

Chris Dean, Moors for the Future programme manager explained some of the techniques we have developed to Amanda Burrell. These include plug plants that are flown in bulk onto the moors and planted out one by one using a traditional garden dibber, and an innovative technique to spread sphagnum moss beads grown by Micropropagation Services. We have planted over ½ million plugs to date and spread over 200 million sphagnum moss beads.

Bags of sphagnum at Bleaklow

The award-wining Earthrise series showcases positive environmental stories from around the world. The 10 minute documentary on our work will be broadcast this autumn on the Al Jazeera network.