Learn from industry experts about research into wildfires, and partnership work to help reduce them

As part of our MoorLIFE 2020 project, we coordinated two webinars alongside Europarc Atlantic Isles on the subject of wildfires.

Fires in the wild can have devastating effects on both people and animals.

Fire blazing on moorland

Uncontrolled fires on peatlands rip through plants and mosses, kill wildlife and livestock, and leave black and blistered landscapes in their wake.

It’s vitally important that people – including land owners and managers, those from conservation organisations, fire and rescue services, universities and national parks – work closely together to help reduce the risks of wildfires, and deter their detrimental effects on the landscape.

These webinars give you the opportunity to learn from specialists in the field about wildfire conservation, research and prevention on a local, national and international scale. You’ll also be able to discover more about the partner organisations who come together to fight wildfires:

Watch again: Rising from the ashes – wildfire conservation, research and prevention in the UK and beyond

  • Matthew Buckler, Moors for the Future Partnership
  • Rob Quincey, Dorset County Council
  • Dr Gareth Clay, University of Manchester

Watch again: Adding fuel to the fire: the pivotal role of Fire Operations Groups (FOGs) in wildfire fighting

  • Robert Stacey, Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service
  • Robin Gray, South Pennines Local Nature Partnership
  • Andy Farmer - Peak District National Park Authority