The emphatic exclamation, ''this is the BEST Bogtastic Van I've ever seen'', sets the tone for a record-breaking Bogtastic season

This summer the Bogtastic Van hit record numbers of engagement on its travels across the Peak District and South Pennine moors. 

Launched in 2018 as part of the MoorLIFE 2020 project, the Bogtastic Van is the first touring ‘bog in a van’ that raises awareness of the importance of blanket bogs across the Peak District and South Pennine moors and the wildlife that call these moors home.

Dress up as a moorland animal at the Bogtastic Van

With an inspiring moorland video, ‘boggy’ floor and educational games on board, the experience is truly Bogtastic – there is even live sphagnum moss and conservation demonstrations that show just how the restoration work on the moors is being carried out, turning landscapes such as Black Hill from barren bare peat to beautiful blanket bog.

And it has been one busy summer! Weaving our way through the elements, the Bogtastic Van has embraced the wind, the rain and the sunshine – and everything in between. Thank you to everyone that took the time to come and talk to us, and find out more about the beautiful moorlands that are on our doorstep – and discover why they are so important. Our favourite comment so far remains to be the excited declaration of a student at Friezland Primary School, ‘’this is the BEST Bogtastic Van I’ve ever seen.’’  

Over the summer, the Bogtastic Van has been visited by over 2750 adults and 1550 children to discover the benefits of blanket bog. 

You can see just where the van has travelled between June and August 2019 on the map below.

Summer 2019 Bogtastic Van Events

If you are struggling to see the Bogtastic Van in all its splendour, you can watch the onboard video – but make sure you catch the Bogtastic Van for the true cinematic experience. Keep an eye on our upcoming events for your own Bogtastic experience.