Peatlands offer fascinating insights into how our ancestors lived and died. Moors for the Future Partnership, perhaps better known for its environmental conservation work to protect the peatlands of the Peak District and South Pennines, is hosting this webinar, in partnership with Europarc Atlantic Isles, to explore in more detail the human heritage of peatlands. Join our speakers as they uncover the stories that make peatlands both environmentally and historically significant, what threats they face, and how these landscapes are both treasures to humanity and important ecosystems.

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Abbi Flint and Ben Jennings, Bradford University and the Wet Futures Project: peatland archaeology in the UK, and an introduction to less visible (intangible) forms of peatlands cultural heritage such as folklore and cultural traditions.
Anna Badcock and Natalie Ward, Peak District National Park Authority: The huge range of heritage features in our uplands, from the prehistoric to the present day and the importance of peat itself as a palaeoenvironmental record of past human activity and landscape change. What are the threats to these heritage features and how we can record and protect these sites?
Chris Atkinson, Pennine Prospects: The impact of peatland wildfires on heritage in the South Pennines and the aims of the newly established South Pennines Wildfire Heritage Group initiative.
Chris Fry, Moors for the Future Partnership: The value in healthy peatlands for protecting archaeology; Archaeology and conservation working together to find common ground for protecting peatlands as cultural landscapes and ecosystems.

Carving in stone

The webinar took place on Thursday 17th September 12pm-1pm