Moorlands are one of the most extensive upland habitats in the United Kingdom. The wide expanses of wild-seeming land impart a sense of space and adventure that is addictive for adventure-seekers and nature-lovers alike.

Peat dam at sunset

Part of the charm is braving the elements in these exposed landscapes. For the adventurous, the harsh environment highlights the resilience of nature, as incredible species – plants, mosses and animals – flourish there. These seemingly bleak landscapes are also incredible spaces of tranquillity and unique wildlife.

With the help of a new field guide app, Explore Moor, learning about the plants that make up this special environment, and the species that call these hills home has never been easier.

The free app is an easy-to-use and family-friendly field guide for common landscape features, wildlife, plant and moss species found on peatlands across the United Kingdom and beyond. This handy new field guide will work without a phone signal or internet connection once downloaded, so that it can help to identify sights and species in the most remote of locations.

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Explore Moor features three field guides:

Moor WILD -

focuses on the birds, insects, mammals and reptiles found on the moors. With photographs, birdcalls and key species details provided, you will soon be putting the sights and sounds of the moors to the animals that make these spaces unique.



looks at mosses (including the key bog-building sphagnum mosses), mosses and plant species found on peatlands. It focuses on the various species of moss, lichen and liverwort you are most likely to see and provides a guide to ferns, flowering herbs, shrubs, trees and grasses.

Cottongrass image block


gives a feel for some of the types of landscape features you are likely to encounter on a walk across the moors and uncover some of the mysteries.

Timber dam

Additional features include a ‘Watch List’ to highlight species that you are on the lookout for, and a ‘Seen List’ to keep a record of the species you have spotted and successfully identified.

The Explore Moor App, which is part of Moors for the Future Partnership’s EU LIFE funded MoorLIFE2020 project also offers information about the importance of peatlands and the conservation work that is helping to restore and preserve these moorland habitats.

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