Bogtastic play

Moors for the Future Partnership are teaming up with Buxton-based theatre company Babbling Vagabonds to produce a new play that teaches young people to love and care for peatlands of the Peak District.

The play – Bogtastic – tells the story of Cottongrass and Bilberry, two Bog Fairies descended from the great bog protectors ‘Stinky’ and ‘Quagmire’. They work tirelessly to keep the balance in their peaty home. It’s hard work, but they love their world and they will do whatever it takes to keep harmony amongst the hummocks and hollows of their blankety bog.

Then one fateful day a new threat emerges from ‘them on top’, plunging our plucky bog fairies into a desperate battle.

It’s an epic struggle they won’t be able to win on their own. They need help. But from who?

Bogtastic will help to introduce children to the importance of moorlands, as a home for plants and animals, as a store of carbon in the fight against climate change, and as a natural solution to wildfires and flooding. It will also show what we can all do to look after this precious landscape.

Alongside the play, there’ll be moorland-themed activities and the chance to handle sphagnum moss!

The play will be performed in the Pavilion Gardens in Buxton from Thursday 30 September to Sunday 3 October. Tickets are free, but booking in advance is recommended as places are limited. For further details go to .