A newly published book is sharing guidance and information about peatland conservation across the world.

Front cover of the new Spanish research book

International experts share their insights into the identification, description, restoration and protection of peat bogs including in Canada, Spain and France. The book has been produced as part of Sustainable Ordunte, an EU LIFE+ funded project in Spain.

Moors for the Future Partnership’s work to protect and conserve blanket bog in the Peak District and South Pennines features as one of the 12 chapters in the book.

It mentions the historic damage to blanket bogs in the Peak District and South Pennines due to industrial pollution and wildfires. There is an in-depth look at our work to help protect the area, including conservation techniques and scientific research.

The contribution also highlights the benefits of healthy blanket bogs. They play a big role in improving drinking water quality, helping to reduce the risk of flooding and as a place for special plants and animals to call home.

Our partner colleagues at Nottingham Trent University also feature in the book; discussing the use of technology (including unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs) for monitoring peatland landscapes. Dr Ben Clutterbuck, who was the lead contributing author to the article, is a key collaborator in our own UAV work.

José María Fernández García has been involved in pulling the chapters of the book together.
He said: “We wanted to publish a book to cover environmental facts and conservation statuses of blanket bogs in Northern Spain. To put our work into context, we invited contributions from across the world too.”

Matt Buckler, our conservation and land management programme manager, added: “We were delighted to be asked to write a chapter for the book. Much of our vital conservation work across the Peak District and South Pennines is able to take place thanks to funding from the EU LIFE programme. It was fantastic to work alongside a fellow EU LIFE-funded project to produce something that we hope will be informative and interesting to the global peatland community.”

The Sustainable Ordunte LIFE+ project is working to protect peatland habitats in Northern Spain. Work includes restoring blanket bog in Zalama, and protecting the sphagnum moss mires of the Salduero and Pozonegro regions.

Inventory, Value and Restoration of Peatlands and Mires is available to read in three languages (Basque, English and Spanish) online here.