Annex 6. Flood risk modelling

Author: Milledge et al

Publication Date: 2015

Summary: From the final Making Space for Water report


This study had two aims: A1) to examine the impact of upstream interventions (gully blocking and re-vegetation) in the context of the larger catchment; A2) to use process based hydrological modelling at the micro-catchment scale to identify potential improvements to the effectiveness of interventions.

We find that gully block design can considerably improve efficacy of blocks in both reducing peak discharge and slowing the arrival time of the peak flow. From least to most effective these are: full brow, V-notch, rectangular slot, inverted V-notch, letter box slot.

File Type: report

Project: makingspaceforwater

Keywords: gully block; revegetation; moorland restoration; hydrology; flood risk; flood management; weirs; peak flow; runoff; peak discharge

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