Annex 5. Flood Risk

Author: Allott et al

Publication Date: 2015

Summary: From the final Making Space for Water report


Restoration of peatland headwater catchments has the potential to reduce downstream flood risk through changes in catchment storage and/or storm runoff behaviour. To date, however, there has been little research on stream flow responses to the most common restoration practices of revegetation of bare peat and gully blocking.This report concludes that restoration significantly alters peatland storm runoff behaviour, delaying the release of storm-flow from headwater catchments with benefits for downstream flood reduction. The study provides robust empirical data and process analyses to inform and calibrate hydrological models and to quantify the flood risk benefits of restoration at larger catchment scales.

File Type: report

Project: makingspaceforwater

Keywords: flood management; flood risk; run off; storm flow; hydrology; gully blocking; revegetation; moorland restoration

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