Annex 3. Particulate Organic Carbon

Author: Pilkington and Crouch

Publication Date: 2015

Summary: From the final Making Space for Water report


The transport of eroding peat particles (POC) in erosion gullies during storms is a major source of fluvial carbon loss from damaged blanket peats such as those found in the Dark Peak and South Pennines. Climate change predictions suggest that these losses may be exacerbated in the future leading to an increase in the rate of silting of reservoirs and increased problems with drinking water supplies. Recent restoration activities, including re-vegetation, are likely to reduce the rate of erosion of peat but there is insufficient evidence to quantify this effect. POC was measured in gully flow using simple, easy to fabricate passive samplers in both severely eroding and recently restored micro catchments on Kinder Scout. Re-vegetation of eroded micro catchments caused a 90% reduction of POC transport in gully flow.

File Type: report

Project: makingspaceforwater

Keywords: Carbon storage; Climate change; Moorland restoration; Particulate organic carbon; Water quality; gully flow

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