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The Upland Hydrology Group brings together a range of different interests including water companies, land-owners, conservation agencies and research scientists.  Our goal is to reach a consensus about how land and water should best be managed in the uplands. The Group then aims to disseminate reliable, practical and evidence-based advice to help both policy-makers and land managers maintain a working balance between what may be competing interests. 

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Water companies and the uplands

The UHG meeting in March 2012 looked at the relationship between water companies and the uplands.  Our discussions were held in the context of the proposals water companies are currently developing for submission to Ofwat as part of PR14 - the Price Review which will determine how water company resources are spent under their Asset Management Plans over the period 2015-2020 (AMP6).   

A briefing note which summarises the consensus reached is available here.  

Some resources:  

Click here for the UHG briefing note on runoff and the uplands
Click here for the UHG position statement on upland management and water colour
Click here to learn about the research and monitoring activities being undertaken by some of the principal upland restoration and land management projects across England and Wales 
Click here for a 9-page document which summarises our current state of knowledge with regard to a wide range of upland hydrology issues. This is based on contributions to a UHG meeting held in December 2009. 
Click here for the UHG Q+A sheet:  "what we know and what we need to know" and the UHG paper "A grip-blocking overview" prepared for us by Joe Holden from the University of Leeds
The scope of the IUCN UK Peatland Programme's Commission of Inquiry on Peatlands overlaps with the interests of the Upland Hydrology Group.
  • Click here for Inquiry's draft scientific review of Peatland Hydrology.  This was prepared by Jill Labadz of Nottingham Trent University in October 2010
Click here to find out more about the Upland Hydrology Group’s remit and membership.  

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