Partnership History

The Moors for the Future Partnership was formed in February 2003, supported by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund.

Two months after we started a huge fire swept across Bleaklow moor, sending plumes of thick smoke across Greater Manchester, forcing Manchester airport to close. The fire burnt 7 hectares of moorland -- equivalent of 14 football or hockey pitches -- killing everything in its path from vegetation to livestock.

This fire epitomised the task ahead and Bleaklow became the focus of the initial restoration works.

Since then, the Moors for the Future Partnership has undertaken conservation work on a wide range of moorland sites across the Peak District and South Pennines that stretch from Nidderdale to Kinder Scout. Repairing the damage caused by years of industrial pollution and moorland fires has cost over £13m to date, resulting in millions of pounds of value to the public through:

  • improved landscape, plants and wildlife
  • improvements to water quality
  • flood prevention
  • carbon storage

Some of the work we have done so far:

  • organised 30 restoration and research projects
  • worked with more than 30 farmers and landowners
  • clocked up 7500 volunteer hours
  • taken tens of thousands of readings or measurements
  • funded 45 student research projects 
  • run a science programme covering the multiple benefits of moorlands: biodiversity, carbon storage, flood risk, water quality, visitor attitude / experience
  • produced 24 research papers and reports
  • improved over 22 miles of moorland paths
  • restored nearly 5000 acres of moorland
  • restored over 6000 acres of SSSI
  • planted 250,000 moorland plants
  • spread 40 million beads of Sphagnum moss 
  • planted 40,000 trees
  • laid 140 miles of Geojute (a geo-textile that stabilises bare soil)
  • built the Moorland Centre at Edale in 2006
  • created the Moorland Discovery Centre at Longshaw in 2007
  • produced 15 award-winning audio tours of the moors
  • installed 14 new information panels at key visitor sites
  • recorded interviews with 50 local people and preserved them in the Moor Memories archive
  • advised other peatland restoration projects as far afield as Tibet
  • in 2004 we repeated a 1990 bird survey across 500km2 of the Peak District, an excellent indicator of habitat condition
  • developed the award winning 'Paws on the Moors' initiative to promote good dog behaviour on the moors

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