Introduction to Making Space for Water Project

Jonathan Walker (Research Manager, Moors for the Future Partnership). Introduction to MSW2 and related projects

When Moors for the Future started restoring blanket bogs in 2003, the aim was simply to change black, bare areas of exposed peat to green, re-vegetated areas.

Since then, multiple incentives for restoration include carbon loss, water quality, peat regeneration by Sphagnum mosses and flood alleviation.

The Moors for the Future research team are at present involved in 7 projects to assess the multiple benefits of restoration, including Making Space for Water, MoorLife, Kinder Catchment, Woodhead Gully Blocking, Upper Derwent Catchment, Bamford Catchment, and Nature Improvement Area.

Expert hydrological advice from the University of Manchester is used in the first four listed above. The use of similar equipment and methodologies across a wide range of projects strengthens and validates the datasets gathered within the remit of any individual project.

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