Flood Risk Making Space for Water Project


David Turnbull (Technical Advisor, Environment Agency) Flood risk and management in the region; comments on the potential for incorporating bog restoration in flood management schemes

Following the most recent flood events in Sheffield and the lower Derwent Valley in 2007, the Pitt Review recommended that the Environment Agency should investigate the potential contribution made by natural processes in reducing flood risk. To this end the EA has published a partnership report which presents the latest scientific, environmental and engineering knowledge supporting the link between natural processes and their contribution to flood risk management. “Greater Working with Natural Processes in Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk Management - A response to Pitt Review Recommendation 27” Environment Agency, January, 2012 (available at http://publications.environment-agency.gov.uk/PDF/GEHO0811BUCI-E-E.pdf)

Nevertheless, few long term studies have been found and collated, although efforts are being made to pull the research together. Communication of such research should be made to Andrew Disney, Environmental Development Officer. For the lower Derwent valley region specifically, the “Lower Derwent Flood Risk Management Strategy” contains EA plans to reduce flood risk in Derby and surrounding villages (available at http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/homeandleisure/floods/38465.aspx).

Included in this report are a number of environmental solutions, including the restoration work carried out within the Making Space for Water Project. A leaflet entitled “Derwent Land Management Project, River Derwent, Derbyshire summarises in simple diagrammatic form some of the projects being carried out in the lower reaches of the Derwent river to reduce flood risk, including the use of Woodland Planting, Wetland Meadows, Woody Debris Dams and Buffer Strips. The leaflet and further information is available from Alison Baker.

The Clough Woodland Project will develop plans to plant 800 hectares of new clough woodland in the Upper Derwent area by negotiating with land owners and tenants. Grants will be available through the Forestry Commission England’s Woodland Grant Scheme. This project aims to contribute to flood risk management schemes by increasing penetration of rainwater into the ground and thus reducing surface flow into rivers.

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