Cutthroat track bridleway

We hope to restore another highly-popular route across Moscar Moor this winter – the Cutthroat Track bridleway. As this is a public right of way, it requires a public consultation with recreational users and other interested parties before work can go ahead.

The work is expected to be funded by Derbyshire County Council. The aim is to provide a hard-wearing, natural-looking track tailored for the needs of a range of users that will help protect its SSSI and Special Area of Conservation habitats for many years to come.

This is another route that suffers from its popularity. People inevitably try to avoid the poor surfaces, widening the route up to 10 metres in some parts which damages plants and disturbs wildlife.

We will be seeking input into the design to the proposed scheme for a 1,500-metre stretch to be resurfaced and strengthened.

This will be achieved mainly using materials from the route and through the provision of an effective system to channel water off the path onto the moor.

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