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How to survey for otters, water vole and mink

To take part in the survey: 

Conduct 'point sample' surveys (returning to the same fixed points, such as a bridges or mammal rafts) to look for signs of otter, water vole and mink


Illustrations (c) Chris Shields

If you'd like to take part in the 'Tails of the Uplands' survey; then please follow these steps:

1. Register with us as a volunteer Wildlife Surveyor.

2. Attend a free training session, where you will learn how to identify tracks and signs of these animals, and how to conduct the survey. Upcoming training sessions are listed on our events webpage, and we will also contact registered volunteers by e-mail to enable you to book a place.

3. Download and print the survey resources you'll need. You will also need to take a camera, mobile phone, map of your survey area and ideally a GPS unit or equivalent smart phone app. Information about health and safety and assessing risk will be covered in the training session.

4. Conduct your survey at the site(s) you have agreed with the Community Science team.

5. Submit your results.


Illustrations (c) Chris Shields

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