Survey Progress

The table below shows which bumblebee transects have been walked so far in each month of the 2018 survey season. Each transect needs to be surveyed at least once per month, so if you are unsure which transect to carry out next, this table will show you which transects are in need of walking. However, transects which are ticked can still be walked, as the more data collected the better:

Tree Bumblebee

Bumblebee Survey Season 2018

Transect Name Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct
Baslow Edge T1           
Birchen Edge T1              
Blacka Moor T1                
Crompton Moor T1              
Crompton Moor T2                
Crowden T1                
Crowden T2               
Dale Top T1              
Dove Stone T1                
Dove Stone T2                
Dukes Road T1              
Edale T1               
Edale T2                
Holme T1                
Holme T2                
Holmfirth T1                 
Kinder Reservoir T1              
Langsett T1                
Longshaw T1            
Longstone Moor T1               
Marsden T1              
Middle Moor T1                 
Midgley Moor T1                
Ox Stones T1                
Snake North T1            
Snake North T2               
Snake South T1             
Snake South T2              
Stanton Moor T1                
Stanton Moor T2                
The Roaches T1                
The Roaches T2                
Todmorden T1                
Torside T1                
Torside T2                
Totley Moss T1                 
Totley Moss T2                
Trans Pennine Trail T1                
Trans Pennine Trail T2                
Wyming Brook T1                

If you have surveyed any of these transects and you cannot see the relevant month ticked, please e-mail us at and we will update the table.  

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