Community Science

Join us in recording how our moorland environment and its wildlife are changing over time 


We are gathering people together to record valuable information about how climate change is affecting moorlands.

How do I take part?

We have set up different surveys which you can take part in depending on how much time you want to commit. Visit our surveys page to find out which survey is right for you

We also have a wide range of volunteering opportunities across the Partnership. Find out more here.  

By collecting scientific data about upland species such as the mountain hare, curlew, green hairstreak butterfly and the bilberry bumblebee, as well as environmental factors like the water table, this Heritage Lottery funded project aims to find out about the long term prospects of this globally important landscape.

Species pictures

All of the information you collect will be fed into a national database, meaning that the way the moorland ecosystem is coping with climate change over the long term can be seen.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t! Anyone can take part, from those with just an hour to spare to those with a lifetime, and you don’t need to have any previous experience.

You can learn new skills, improve your wildlife ID abilities and meet new people - all while getting out and about in this inspiring upland environment.

You can find project updates and reports, including our 2018 preliminary results document here:

Illustrations (c) Chris Shields & Mike Langman

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